Accent Cabinetry

"Ensured that the wood grain, colour and form were perfect." [customer comment]

A Quick Introduction


Accent Cabinetry is a custom cabinet making and woodworking business run by Stephen Gadd.


Steve has been in the construction, renovation and cabinet business for over 25 years. 

He has a network of other professionals that he works with, from time to time -- if your job needs special expertise or extra help, it is available.


As you will see from the other sections of the website, we offer a wide variety of related services -- from commercial to residential, from small repairs to large customized cabinets, from fine furnishings to simple functional shelving units. Kitchens, bedrooms, bathroom vanities, living rooms, offices, store displays, and so on ... wherever you need quality custom work.If you want something that is not listed here, let's discuss it -- it is likely still within our scope and capability to deliver successfully.


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